Artist Statement

Histories on many spectrums—ancestral, artistic, material, personal, and cultural—fuel my practice.


     My studio is a flux of mediums and objects in constant conversation with each other: A small original gouache painting gets printed on custom fabric, which goes into a mixed media collage, that informs a piece of wearable art, or adds to the composition of a new gouache painting. Nothing is off-limits to being repurposed and reimagined. 


     As a member of the Cherokee Nation, this process is a personal narrative of the Native American Diaspora. Indigenous peoples had to be inventive and purposeful with elements and resources as ancestors were removed from native homelands to new environments. This is not only instilled in my mind from native ancestry, but also from a rural Kansas upbringing.


     Being a product of Cherokee, Scottish, Swiss-German, and other diaspora, I am, in the very makeup of my DNA, a collage of cultures, values, histories, and personal aesthetics. I react by collaging materials from my ancestors, contemporary community, and personal life experiences. Graphic design, fine art, and fiber are all woven into my ancestral tapestry the same way I weave in and out of mediums in my studio. Sometimes, literally weaving materials. 


     I illustrate personal narratives by inventing compositions driven by a theme or experience, translating them through the lens of abstracted patterns I’ve built out of my cultural research of Cherokee and other native arts. These personal illustrations are a hybrid of being culturally grounded, while also being far from native upbringing; a life influenced by various sources to the point of abstraction. There is a feel of beadwork or sewing, but the painting may contain neither. I view each piece I create as its own individual entity, yet all contributing to a visual language I am inventing. An aesthetic world that people of many cultural backgrounds can relate to or appreciate in some form. 


     Sometimes my compositions are cropped. These flow from me instinctively; yet, when I contemplate where it is coming from, I see my subconscious expressing core feelings that the people in my life, at any given time, only see one part of me. One part of my surroundings. One part of my heritage, upbringing, or expat experiences. There is not one individual in my world who has seen my life influences holistically, or even every house I’ve lived in. Cropped images feel like a cropping of a piece of culture- ambiguous but beautiful; informed by elements unseen. I am a woman who is constantly picking which cropped piece of my life I’m operating out of, while still trying to maintain them all and present myself to the world as a whole. 

     I desire my art to open conversations and be a starting point to discussing tribes, Native Americans past and present, and the many nuances of being descended from Native cultures in a world growing increasingly diverse in numerous ways with every generation. For myself, this also includes my time in Southeast Asia and friendships I’ve made globally.


Cultivating and presenting a joy of cultural differences, influences, and histories allows hope to exist for where we might go in regards to tribes, countries, and personal communities in the future.





b. 1990, Fowler, Kansas

Lives and works in Peoria, Illinois.




2021 • MFA, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

2012 •   BA, summa cum laude, Graphic Design, Tabor College, Hillsboro, KS                                        





Solo Exhibitions


2024 •   (upcoming) Gardiner Gallery of Art, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

2023 •  (upcoming) Trusler Gallery, Emporia Arts Center, Emporia, KS

2023 •   (upcoming) Foster Art Gallery, First United Methodist Church, Peoria, IL

2023 •   Joy Intwined, Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL

2022 •   Gallery Homes Exhibition, Peoria Heights, IL

2021 •   Intertwined: MFA Exhibition, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

2021 •   Bound Together: Cultural Patterns, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

2020 •  Heuser Gallery Exhibition, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

2020 •  Artist of the Month Exhibition, Casa De Arte, Peoria, Illinois

2019  •  Sacred, MA Thesis Show, Prairie Center of the Arts, Peoria, Illinois



Selected Group Exhibitions



2023   •  Fantastic Fibers 2022, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY

2023  •   52nd Annual Trail of Tears Art Show and Sale, Cherokee National History Museum, 

               Tahlequah, OK

2023  •  Tenuous Threads, Atlantic Gallery, New York City, NY

2022  •   Small Matters, 437co Gallery, Colorado Mesa University, Junction City, CO

2022  •  Spot on #3, D’art Gallery, Denver, CO

2022  •  Still Here Still Native, Arts Council Fayetteville, Fayetteville, NC                     

2022  •   27th Cherokee Homecoming Art Show, Cherokee Cultural Center, Tahlequah, OK

2022  •  Shape of the Environment, Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, WI

2022  •   Drawn Exhibition, Indiana University Kokomo, Kokomo, IN

2022  •  64ARTS, Buchanan Center for the Arts, Monmouth, IL

2022  •   Innovations in Printmaking and Mixed Media, D’art Gallery, Denver, CO

2022  •  10th Annual Bridgeport Art Center’s Art Competition, Chicago, IL

2022   •  Fantastic Fibers 2022, Yeiser Art Center, Paducah, KY

2022  •  New Appalachia, Vestige Concept Gallery, Pittsburg, PA

2022  •  51st Annual Trail of Tears Art Show and Sale, Cherokee National History Museum, Tahlequah, OK

2022 •  Key of Dreams, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York City, NY

2022  Excellence in Fibers, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY

2022 •  Midwest Issue #155, New American Paintings, Juried Exhibitions-in-Print

2022 •  Excellence in Fibers VII, Fiber Art Now, juried exhibition in print, Winter Issue

2021 •  State of Contemporary Drawing, Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2021 •  Peoria Women Now, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

2021 •  Sky Art Peoria Exhibition, Foster Art Gallery, Peoria First United Methodist Church, Peoria, IL 

2021 •  RSVP Exhibition, Carl Sandburg College, Galesburg, IL  

2021 •  Self Made, Betty Jayne Brimmer Center for the Performing Arts, Peoria, IL

2021 • Seen but not Felt, Bradley University, Heuser Gallery, Peoria, IL 

2020 •  Carry Weight, Hold Light, Collaborative Installation Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL 

2019 •  This Is Me, Exhibit A Gallery, Peoria, IL 

2019 •  Member Show, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

2019 •  2019 Emerging Illinois Artists, McClean County Art Center, Bloomington, IL

2019 •  TWOgether: A Group Exhibition, Jan Brandt Gallery, Bloomington, IL

2016 •  Christmas Exhibition, Thai Christian Artists Collaborative, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2014 •  45th Annual Smoky Hill Art Exhibition, Hays Arts Council, Hays, KS 




Public Art    


2021 •  Hello Peoria Building, Public Art, spool paintings placed within mural, Peoria, IL

2021 • Community Mural, Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair, “Illuminate” oil painting used for a public participation mural for event,

             displayed in downtown Peoria permanently 





2021 • Seen But Not Felt, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

2019  • Christopher Holbrook: His Own Private Circus, Bradley University, Peoria, IL    





2022 •    Honorable Mention, Spot on #3, juried by Doug Kacena, D’Art Gallery 

                                                  Denver, Denver, CO

2022 •   First Place Contemporary Basketry, “Clothed in Celestial Grace” ribbon 

               weaving, 27th Annual Cherokee Homecoming Show, Tahlequah, OK

2022 •   Merit Award in Diverse Arts, for drawing, 27th Annual Cherokee 

            Homecoming Show, Tahlequah, OK        

2022 •   Operating Expenses Grant, Fiber Art Now Magazine

2022 •   1st Place Emerging Artist, 51st Annual Trail of Tears Art Show and 

            Sale, Tahlequah, OK

2021  •   Sky Art Peoria, “Effervescent Connections” awarded a rotating billboard 

                around Peoria and East Peoria, Big Picture Peoria,  Arts Partners, Peoria, IL

2021 •   Vax to Get Back CampaignIllinois Arts Alliance and Peoria Art Guild, chosen artist 

                for original artwork and representation of Peoria Area

2021 •    Emerging Artist, tent awarded by Peoria Art Guild, Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair

2019 •    Dean’s Award: Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts, 2019 Student Scholarship Expo, 

                Bradley College, Peoria, IL

2010 •    Honorable Mention, Sandzen Memorial Gallery Juried Exhibition, Lindsborg, KS 






2023 •   Fiber Art Now, Excellence in Fibers VIII, juried exhibition in print, Winter 2023

2022 •  New VisionaryIssue 4, two-page spread, October 2022    

2022 •  New American Paintings, Juried Exhibitions-in-Print, Midwest Issue #155

2022 •  Fiber Art Now, Excellence in Fibers VII, juried exhibition

2021 •  Featured artist for November, Soul City Fine Art & Photography,

     , St. Louis, MO

2021 •  Mae Gilliland Wright, The Worlds of Hattie Lee, Peoria Magazine, September,


2021 •  Selected artist for Peoria Art Guild Fine Art Fair promotional materials and community mural

2021 •  Lori Waxman, New City Art, 60wrd/min COVID Edition: Lee Robson Spence, Boom Bloom, Seen But Not Felt, 

              May 7,

2021 •  Lori Waxman, 60 WRD/MIN ART CRITIC“Seen But Not Felt” Covid-19 exhibition review, April 28, 


2021 •  Harry Croton,, Local Nonprofits Team Up to Build Fruit Stands for Students in Local Schools, artwork on produce stand

             featured in local news segment, June 25,


2021 •  Sky Art Turns Seven, Peoria Magazine, June,

2021 •  Peoria TV ShowBound Together: Cultural Patterns, solo exhibition at the Peoria Art Guild featured as set for an episode, Peoria, IL 

2021 •  Out and About Podcast, WCBU and Arts Partners of Central Illinois,, podcast platforms, “The Peoria Art Guild Presents    

             Bound Together: Cultural Patterns”, April 2     

2020 • Erin Buczynski, Demystifying the Gallery Experience, Peoria Magazine, February,


2019 •  The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois, image reproduction, Collaboration painting with Heather Brammeier, promotion for Jan Brandt Gallery: 

             TWOgether exhibit, February 3

2019 •  Broadside: Writers and Artists, Spring Edition, image reproduction of three paintings, Spring Edition, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois



Lectures and Visiting Artist Invitations     


2021   • Peoria Riverfront Museum, Virtual Art Club, Seen But Not Felt, an Exhibition at Bradley University Galleries, PRM YouTube channel, May 11

2021   •   Exhibition presentation, Adv. Painting Class, Bradley University, Peoria, IL

2020   •   Guest speaker and exhibition presentation, American Art History class, Bradley University, Peoria, IL





2021 • Original painting on a wooden produce stand for Big Picture Peoria and Peoria Grown for a fresh fruit outreach at schools in Peoria



Other Professional Experience   



2022   •  Participated in an online Native American non-profit fundraiser by the Dreamcatcher Foundation, two 

                    paintings for auction      

2019      Collaboration with artist Eugene (Nana Ekow) Maison, resulting in collaborative work exhibited in his solo exhibits:

              • Fragments at the Buchwald Center, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, OH, 2019

             • Historical Consequences- Knyame Maison, Collaborative piece, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL, 2021

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